Is there any known variant of Gin-Rummy that includes the Jokers?

If yes then, what are the rules about jokers?

  • How much deadwood a joker counts?
  • Can be used only for Runs or also for Sets?

A similar question on BGG: (with no good answer)

Aside from the fact that jokers are forbidden in Gin Rummy, does anyone know what the next nearest, "quais-official" rules are for including Jokers in Gin Rummy?


Various sites (e.g., rummyculture) list rummy variants with jokers, but not Gin Rummy specifically. But the rules could be adapted directly. Suggested set of rules:

  • Jokers are worth 30, as in most versions of Rummikub
  • Discarded jokers cannot be picked up from the discard pile (optional)
  • Jokers can be used in sets or runs, but not to make a 5-card set (the "missing" card must be one that exists).

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