Is there any known variant of Gin-Rummy that includes the Jokers?

If yes then, what are the rules about jokers?

  • How much deadwood a joker counts?
  • Can be used only for Runs or also for Sets?

A similar question on BGG: (with no good answer)

Aside from the fact that jokers are forbidden in Gin Rummy, does anyone know what the next nearest, "quais-official" rules are for including Jokers in Gin Rummy?

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Various sites (e.g., rummyculture) list rummy variants with jokers, but not Gin Rummy specifically. But the rules could be adapted directly. Suggested set of rules:

  • Jokers are worth 30, as in most versions of Rummikub
  • Discarded jokers cannot be picked up from the discard pile (optional)
  • Jokers can be used in sets or runs, but not to make a 5-card set (the "missing" card must be one that exists).

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