well got in one base Game guru card a 3 power minion (ongoing this minion is not effected by other player's abilitis ) and in another base got a 4 power minion and my wife play's Bear Hug action {Each of other player destroys his or her minion with the least power (owner chooses in case of tiess)}. what happend there ? and what mean in case of tie ? plz help us !!


Going by the wordings you gave, Bear Hug select the 3 power minion to destroy it since there is no tie (ie: two minions sharing the same lowest power). Since the minion is not affected by the effect, it is not destroyed.

  • and why not destroy the next minion in line? in this case the 4 power minion. ??? the 3 power minion has the no effect ability...ok but why not destroy the other one and instead cancel the action?! why is this the correct thing to do? please comment May 15 '20 at 14:52

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