Lets say I am attacking with a Runeclaw Bear with an Inquisitor's Flail equipped. My opponent uses a Runeclaw Bear of his own to block. I then use Kessig Wolf Run to give my creature +3/+0 and trample.

How much damage can I deal my opponent in this scenario?

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    +1 for a good question. Ian's answer is correct, but in the mists of time, I believe things worked a different way - a Trampler would deal damage to a blocking creature, and then excess damage would be somehow redirected to the defending player... and as such a card like Inquisitor's Flail (or Furnace of Rath, back in the day) might effectively double the damage twice! Things are a lot simpler and better the way they work now, I think. Oct 21, 2011 at 13:38
  • @thesunneversets - things definitely work better now , especially the interaction between deathtouch and trample. I do kind miss the days when lifelink stacked though.... Oct 21, 2011 at 13:43

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Inquisitor's Flail doesn't let you assign damage any differently, it is merely a replacement effect for how damage is dealt. So essentially, you have a 5/2 trampling Runeclaw Bear up against a regular 2/2 Runeclaw Bear. You must assign lethal damage to the blocking Runeclaw before you can assign any damage to the defending player, so you can only assign a maximum of 3 to the defending player. When damage is dealt, Inquisitor's Flail doubles everything, resulting in 4 being dealt to each Runeclaw Bear, and 6 being dealt to the defending player.

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