The Allied Fires Challenger Deck from Magic 2020 contains Sarkhan the Masterless, who can both create dragon tokens, and turn other planeswalkers into dragons.

If a planeswalker that becomes a dragon dies, does it go into the graveyard? What about the dragon tokens that Sarkhan creates?

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    Just a heads up here: due to a recent banning you will not be allowed to use that deck in any competitive MtG events. It's still absolutely fine for playing casually with your friends of course :-) Jun 10, 2020 at 19:13

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If a planeswalker becomes a creature, it acts as a creature in every way, including being able to kill it and send it to the graveyard with normal damage.

This means that if you activate Sarkhan the Masterless's +1 ability, then all your planswalkers (including Sarkhan) could be killed with something like Doom Blade or Flame Lash. It will be sent to the graveyard just like any other creature.

When a token creature dies, it does go to the graveyard, but then ceases to exist the next time state-based actions are checked. You can see more details about that here.

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