Can No Escape counter the planeswalker Sarkhan the Masterless's ability that created a 4/4 red dragon creature?

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    Welcome to the site! Please make your question clearer by clarifying which Sarkhan planeswalker you are referring to and by fixing the sentence structure. Jun 13 '20 at 21:31

No Escape can target the casting of a planeswalker such as Sarkhan the Masterless, but it cannot counter Sarkhin's ability that creates a 4/4 dragon creature. This is because No Escape can only target spells to counter then, but activating Sarkin's ability is not a spell, it is an activated ability.

Spells and abilities are separate things, even when they could both result in a similar outcome like creating a dragon creature. In order to counter an ability, you would need a card that allows you to do so, such as Stifle.

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