I am looking for high quality images of poker cards to download. I can use Google Images to download the images, but it would be impossible to find 53 identical cards in terms of style (52 cards + 1 joker card). Does anybody know where can I get these images from?

  • I all reality the look of the fronts of the cards are almost irrelevant -- you could just have a child's drawing on them. What's super important though is that the backs look exactly alike to the pixel. That won't be trivial with a home printer, for example because of alignment issues. – Peter - Reinstate Monica Jun 16 at 6:22
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    If you want to use these images for anything other than a personal project that you're not distributing to anyone or putting on the internet, you might also have to worry about licensing. You can't just freely reuse any image you find on the internet. – NotThatGuy Jun 16 at 11:06

Googling for 'SVG cards' gives some results, including this one which is also featured on Wikipedia.

enter image description here
(created by David Bellot)

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    This set lacks the suicide king and has only 1 one-eyed jack (and it's the wrong one, should be hearts and spades). There are some games and rules it won't work for. – Separatrix Jun 16 at 7:30
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    @Separatrix. Just curious : do you have some example of rules for which you'd need the cards you mention? Are those relevant to poker? – Eric Duminil Jun 16 at 9:01
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    @EricDuminil they're sometimes wild in draw poker for example. Sometimes all the one eyed royals are wild. Mostly you can make them up as you go along but they're conventions. – Separatrix Jun 16 at 9:08

The deck linked by @Glorfindel is for French playing cards.

Here's a link to poker playing cards, in PNG or SVG format.

Poker cards are wider than French ones. This design is used by many decks, e.g. Bicycle Playing Cards, and will typically be the one you see in movies or at the casino.

King of hearts

A full set of poker playing cards created using vector graphics. The .SVG source for each card is available as well as a high resolution rasterized .PNG version. These images are released into the public domain - attribution is appreciated but not required.

Here's the related blog post : Byron's Blog - Vector Playing Cards

As mentioned by @Dezza, there are other alternatives:

There's also SVG sets by revk at me.uk/cards with associated blog posts revk.uk/search/label/Playing%20cards

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    What's the difference between French playing cards and poker cards here? – ilkkachu Jun 15 at 14:18
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    @ilkkachu : The design is different. Note that you can play poker with French playing cards just fine. In movies or at the casino, you'll probably see poker cards : youtu.be/5VC7BuWahBM?t=64 – Eric Duminil Jun 15 at 14:42
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    There's also SVG sets by revk at me.uk/cards with associated blog posts revk.uk/search/label/Playing%20cards – Dezza Jun 15 at 15:02
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    @ilkkachu The letters on the royal cards may also be different. "R", "D", and "V", instead of "K", "Q", and "J". (Stands for "Roi", "Dame", and "Valet") – Darrel Hoffman Jun 15 at 15:45
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    @DarrelHoffman & Eric, yeah, I was just wondering because apart from the art of the face cards, Glorfindel's set looks pretty much like this one :) The artwork here is the one I've most commonly seen, so perhaps more standard in a way. I thought I've also heard the "standard" cards being called French playing cards and wikipedia does seem to at least imply a connection too, mentioning "a standard 52-card deck of French playing cards". Though of course you could have shorter decks with the French suits and similar images, too. – ilkkachu Jun 15 at 16:50

If you are looking in adding cards to a text that you write in LaTeX then the pst-poker package is useful, see http://web.mit.edu/foley/games/Arcadia/sr/poker/poker-doc.pdf

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The (2019) Custom Element https://cardmeister.github.io/ creates 52 SVG cards

SVG is based on the CC0-licensed Card Generator by Adrian Kennard: https://www.me.uk/cards/


Example: https://cardmeister.github.io/

Github: https://github.com/cardmeister/cardmeister.github.io

Usage in HTML:

    <script src="elements.cardmeister.full.js"></script>
   <card-t suit=Hearts rank=Queen></card-t>

It does not load SVG, it creates SVG client-side.

16 KB in the cheating version.
64 KB in the full version, with spades and hearts one eyed jacks, hearts suicide king.

Because SVG is created client-side, there are s-loads of options to design cards:

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