My grandma taught me this game as a child and I can’t find it to learn it again. You have four piles on the left of the table. You have to somehow uncover aces to start playing the cards of that suit. I can’t remember if there is a stock pile but I think there is. Anyone know any variations similar to this that I could look into? Once you uncover the aces I think you make horizontal rows of cards.

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    Their are many different Solitaire games played with a standard 52 card deck and many of those will also have their own variations. You might have more luck googling Solitate games and seeing what looks similar. The details above might be to vague for anyone to say with certainty. Can you add more info? Do you know how aces are uncovered? What do you mean by 'stockpile'? a deck, some face up cards? Do you know what the goal is? It sounds like you're saying to lay out all four suits in order starting at ace. The more detail you can give the more likely someone will know. – StartPlayer Jun 21 '20 at 16:36

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