About mine movement: can I move from a mine where I am to any other mine in the map? or only to the closest one?

  • The title of the question is misleading, since the real question is about mines. Maybe it should be reformulated.
    – Yotus
    Nov 25, 2020 at 12:22

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There are two different things in Scythe which are related here, Mines and Tunnels.

Mines are buildings you can build, they look like this:

Mine wooden icon

And here's how they work, from the rulebook:

The Mine acts as a tunnel that only you can use. You may move units to and from your Mine as if it is a tunnel (even if an opponent controls the territory the Mine is on). Unlike the other structures, this is an ongoing ability associated with all unit movement.

And then there are Tunnels, they look like this on the map:

Scythe board with tunnels

And here's what the rulebook says about them:

For the purposes of the Move action for any unit, all territories with the tunnel icon are considered to be adjacent to each other.

So, in short, you can move:

  • From a tunnel to any tunnel
  • From a tunnel to your mine
  • From your mine to any tunnel

You cannot use mines built by your opponents for your movement in any way.

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