Can I Negate the instant/sorcery part of an adventure spell?

Say, someone casts Stomp from bonecrusher giant. Can I negate it?


Yes, there is nothing special about the Adventure half of an Adventurer card while it is on the stack. Comprehensive rules 715.3b:

While on the stack as an Adventure, the spell has only its alternative characteristics.

Countering the Adventure half of an Adventurer card is often a very good play to make as the countered spell goes to its owner's graveyard, not into exile where the non-Adventure half of the card can be cast - e.g. if you counter Stomp, its owner does not get to cast Bonecrusher Giant from exile.

A small note on terminology: the spell does not have halves. An Adventurer card has alternative characteristics, and if cast with those alternative characteristics it is then a spell with solely those characteristics - e.g. what is on the stack is either the instant spell Stomp or the creature spell Bonecrusher Giant, not a split object with both sets of characteristics. This may seem pedantic but it can be important - for example, you cannot use Essence Scatter to counter Stomp, because it is not a creature spell.

  • Hmm, but as a card, it has all the characteristics of both options right? Ie, it is a creature card and an instant card? So, if there was some spell that let you exile a noncreature card from someone's hand, library, graveyard, or stack, then it wouldn't let you exile stomp? – Will Chen Jun 23 '20 at 18:54
  • 1
    @WillChen The very first point of Throne of Eldraine release notes answers that (in the negative). – Roman Odaisky Jun 23 '20 at 19:10
  • @WillChen See also CR 715.4 "In every zone except the stack, and while on the stack not as an Adventure, an adventurer card has only its normal characteristics." - "normal characteristics" here refers to the non-Adventure half of the card. – Philip Kendall Jun 24 '20 at 7:32

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