The Crew – Quest for Planet Nine is a trick taking game where cards can be number of colors or rockets acting as trumps.

If in my hand, I do not have the requested color but I do have a rocket, do I have to play it or can I play anything from my hand ?

Going through the rules, it does not seem to tell that the rocket must be played but as this principle is in most trick taking games I know of, I'd like a confirmation.


Looking at the rules here it says (emphasis mine).

There are five card suits: pink, blue, green, yellow, and rocket cards. Following suit means that each player must "follow" the suit choice of the first player; i.e., you have to play a card of the same type. Only if you do not have a card of this suit may you play a card of a different suit.

and later is says (emphasis mine)

During a color-suited trick, a rocket may only be played if a card in the color suit cannot be played.

Reading this sounds like it follows expected playing of trick taking is option. If you can not follow suit you may play a card of a different suit. You may only play a rocket if you can't follow suit.

Neither of these situations say must so if you can't follow suit and have the choice of playing a rocket card or not that is a free choice.


The rules expressly say you are never forced to play a specific card:

During a trick, there is no mandate to play a specific card. If you have multiple cards that you can play, you may play a low card, even though you would have been able to win the trick with a higher card. In other words, you are not forced to win the trick.

  • Thanks for this additional extract of the rules. I had (badly) interpreted that part as if it was only about numbers in a given color and not about rockets as well.
    – SylvainD
    Jun 29 '20 at 14:10
  • Of course, if you have only one card of the lead suit, you have to play it Jun 30 '20 at 23:41

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