When selecting cards in Duel, can I select a card and keep it on my hand until I collect money/resource or do I have to sell/play the card immediately?

If I can take the card and not play it yet, can I later sell it or decide what I want to do with it?

  • Is there even a concept of "hand" in 7 Wonders Duel? – Acccumulation Jul 11 at 17:43

No, you may not keep the card for later use.

The rules say

On your turn, you must choose an “accessible” card in the card structure and play it. An accessible card is a card which isn’t partially covered by other cards.

You can play the card you’ve chosen in one of three different ways: •

  1. Construct the Building • 2. Discard the card to obtain coins • 3. Construct a Wonder

There is nothing in the rules about keeping cards to play later. You make an immediate choice from the 3 options listed.

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