So I have recently started playing a variant of solitaire called "Kansas"


and either I'm really bad at it (have lost dozens of times over past month) or it might just be very unlikely for a person to win the game. I was curious to if anyone had experience with it or any references to why it might be "unwinnable"

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    The online interface makes it much more difficult than the actual game. It automatically moves cards to the foundation instead of letting you use them in the tableau. – L. Scott Johnson Jul 10 at 18:45
  • I looked at the rules and it didn't mention this, probably one of the reasons I took so long thanks for responding – javaseeds Jul 10 at 23:31

I won 1 out of 9 games. (I stopped with my first win.)

Note, that @LScottJohnson's comment is not quite true. You can "undo" a card moving up to the foundation. That was a necessary feature for the win that I got.

If you find Kansas very annoyingly difficult to win (I do), the website does offer the nearly identical game Rainbow which is easier to win.

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    That is what I figured out as well - just won my first game a few minutes ago. – javaseeds Jul 10 at 23:23
  • Ah, thanks. I normally treat take-backs (undo) as cheating in solitaire. It's not a paradigm I'd give up for the "pleasure" of playing this, I think. :) – L. Scott Johnson Jul 11 at 19:15

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