In the game "L'Auberge des Pirates", holding a pair is considered dangerous for your survival during the game. It is not clear, however, what constitutes a pair: will one visible card + one card in hand be considered a pair, or will two cards in hand be a pair?


According to the rules (via google translate):

This player shows you his cards (and to you alone). Your charge is successful if he has a pair between the cards in his hand and those that he has in front of him.

And in the description of drawing a card:

Draw 1 card without the show (if it makes a pair with cards in your hand or those placed in front of you, do not say anything, you haven't lost until you are not charged).

Despite the awkwardness of the translation, it seems clear enough that when challenged, you lose if there is a pair ANYWHERE among the cards you own, whether between two cards in your hand, or one from hand and one from in play.

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