I'm looking for a word analysis tool (website/software) like Zyzzyva that look for the highest possible scoring word per word length.

I.e., I want to know a list of high-scoring 11-letter words (contains a lot of high-scoring tiles like x, z, etc.), so I can play it on an 11x11 Scrabble board to achieve the highest possible score.

As a good feature, it would be nice if I can specify bonus tile locations like a DL or TL score within the 11 word like if N=normal, DL=Double Letter, TL=Triple Letter, DW=Double Word, an 11-letter word formation may be like (DW-N-N-DL-N-TL-N-DL-N-N-DW).

However, I'd be fine without that feature, and I'll just look at the top scoring words of 11-letters and try to place them in the DL/TL/DW/TW formations to get the highest score.

  • This sounds almost like it's a question in Code Golf Stack Exchange, though any answers you get there would be almost totally incomprehensible to most people. – Ray Butterworth Sep 11 '20 at 12:28

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