The following tiles are on the table (these were the initial meld from another player):

10 BLUE, 11 BLUE, 12 BLUE

And I, having not yet made an initial meld, have the following tiles on my board:


I use the first four tiles to make my initial meld.


  1. Am I allowed to play other tiles in the same round that I played my initial meld?
  2. Am I allowed to add my 13 BLUE to the other player's run, take the 10 BLUE to replace the JOKER in my initial meld, and re-use that JOKER, all in the same round?

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I've never played this game but reading rules here it seems clear enough. The rules say (emphasis mine)

In order to place tiles on the table, each player must make an initial play of at least 30 points in one or more sets.

These points must come from the tiles on the player's rack and not from tiles already played on the table. A tile is worth its face value. A Joker may be used for any tile and its point value is that of the tile it represents. The penalty for holding a Joker if another player wins the round is 30 points. If a player cannot enter the round, or purposely chooses not to, the player must take a tile from the pouch and the turn ends.

After players have made their initial plays, they can also build on other sets on the table with tiles from their racks.

so 1) No you are not allowed to play other tiles the same turn. The rules are clear that you must use your own tiles and not other players. It isn't until after all players have made an initial meld or passed you may start building off other players.

The rules for jokers state

A joker can be retrieved from a set on the table by a player who can replace it during his turn with a tile of the same numerical value and color it represents. The tile used to replace the Joker must come from a player's rack and not from the table.

So you can't reuse the joker since the 10 Blue was not in your hand.

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