I have a friend who has been playing magic for a long time, and he told me that in one game he could beat a player who used a card called Progenitus with a card called Norn's Annex causing him to not be able to attack it long enough to recover and win.

When reviewing the effects of both cards, it struck me that Progenitus has a "protection against all" effect and left me wondering if the effect of Norn's Annex could really stop a card with such an effect. I have some experience playing Magic but I don't know if it really worked

my question is really a card with an effect like the one in Norn's Annex can affect Progenitus or was it just luck of misinterpretation of effects?

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    I am not sure how that card would provide protection since the player should have the mana to pay the cost if they also had mana to play the creature in the first place. – Joe W Sep 25 '20 at 23:39