Let's say I'm in a multiplayer game. I cast Assassin's Trophy targeting opponent A's Sol Ring. Opponent B controlls Aladdin and responde by activating the ability targeting the same Sol Ring. Aladdin's ability resolves and opponent B gains control of Sol Ring.

Will Assassin's Trophy fizzle or will it still destroy the Sol Ring but allow opponent B to fetch the basic land instead?


Yes. An object that changes controllers is still the same object, so a spell that targeted it will continue to target it.

Assassin's Trophy checks who controls the targeted permanent as the spell resolves, so in this scenario opponent B will fetch the basic land.

  • Note this can cause it to fizzle due to an illegal target (say if the same player both cast assassin's trophy and used Aladdin - then the opponent controls requirement won't be met anymore)
    – Andrew
    Sep 29 '20 at 19:51

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