I want to get properties on the table, but not complete the set. I am trying to avoid having a complete set stolen. I realize by keeping same color cards separate, they could be taken in a forced deal or sly deal, but when it is my turn, I can arrange my properties how I want to collect rent or if I get three complete set, arrange them on my turn for the win. But by keeping the same color cards separate, at least I won't lose an entire set when the deal breaker is played.

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    This concept of separation is neither explicit nor implicit in the rules. Once you have "put down properties into your own collection", they are there. Physically placing them close or far does nothing to change their color or number towards a complete set. Sep 28, 2020 at 13:47

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If you have enough to make a set, then you have a set.

From the compiled FAQ on BGG:

If you have more properties of one color than is needed to make a complete property set, you must form as many complete sets as possible, and group the remaining properties of that color together.

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