In Blood on the Clocktower, the Fool is immune to their first death:

The first time you die, you don't.

This ability, like all abilities, goes away if the character is drunk or poisoned.

The Pukka's ability seems like it could potentially counteract the Fool:

Each night, choose a player: they are poisoned until tomorrow night, then die. You act on the first night.

While the Fool is poisoned, they are not immune to their first death. However, this wording of the Pukka's ability (specifically the "they are poisoned until tomorrow night, then die") is unclear - "until" and "then" make me think that perhaps when the Fool dies to the Pukka, they are not at that moment poisoned, and therefore their ability would trigger to prevent that first death.

With no other interactions involved, can the Pukka kill the Fool on their first attack?

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Yes, it appears the fool can be killed without their ability working if targeted by the pukka

If Pukka is in play, nobody is safe. The Fool and the Sailor can not be protected by their character ability etc. Also, since the Pukka chooses who to kill a full night earlier than normal, it is beneficial for all good players to reveal their characters and information to the group publicly as soon as possible. Sometimes, with other Demons, it can be beneficial for some good players to not reveal who they are, so that the Demon attacks certain players and leaves others alone - but with the Pukka, this is not the case. Reveal everything, and work as a team to bring that pesky poisoner to justice!

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