In Steam Park, the danari values are only printed on one side, and the other sides are all the same. This suggests to me that a player's total should be kept hidden.

If it's intended to be an option, it's not documented.

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    From what I see every gain of danari are in set amounts so a player would know how many you have if they are keeping track. I am guessing they come in multiple values just to keep the number of tokens down. – Joe W Nov 18 '20 at 19:14
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    FWIW, Tom Vasel agrees that you can keep your total hidden. T=7:40 of his review here: boardgamegeek.com/video/37496/steam-park/… – L. Scott Johnson Nov 18 '20 at 20:07

It looks like you have it correct.

The designer demonstrates hiding his income when explaining the prototype of the game in 2012. (T=8:23 of this video)

He says explicitly in this video from Spiel 2013: "Money are kept secret." (T=9:48)

Later video reviews and/or game play explainer videos also concur:

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    Wow, impressive research! – Jessy Nov 19 '20 at 13:52
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    Thanks. I'd prefer clear rules text that make the rule explicit, of course, though. :-) – L. Scott Johnson Nov 19 '20 at 13:54

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