I used to play a card game called "King Up" with my nana and siblings, but my nana has passed and my siblings and I have forgotten how it's played. I'd be grateful if someone recognises it and can remind me of the rules!

Things I remember:

  • in the centre of the table there was a face-up Jack of Diamonds, a blank space, and a face-down mystery card, each of which we would bet on - there were therefore three possible "pots" to win each round
  • there was a dummy hand
  • it was a run-based game, NOT a trick-based game
  • whoever held the 2 of Diamonds would start
  • the Jack of Diamonds "pot" could be won by playing the King of Diamonds
  • the blank space "pot" could be won by getting rid of all your cards
  • the "pots" carried over into the next round if no one won them

A previous query on here (Does anyone know the name of this card game?) is very similar, but doesn't actually explain how the game is played.

I hope someone can help!


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