This means that this is an extra guess, all previous clues are used up, and that the other team has 1 word remaining (so that they would win the next round).

I'm thinking of techniques such as if "cat" and "dog" were words on the board, and then the team's spymaster gave the clue "Feline 1", the operative(s) would not guess "dog" if it was still available, since the spymaster did not give the clue "Pet 2" (assuming there are no other pets on the board).

EDIT: I'm not sure why this question was closed due to being opinion-based, since the strategy is dependent on mathematical and logical deduction.

  • The strategy is always to get as many connections, no matter how tenuous, as you need so that you find all your cards (and no assassin) before the other team. When the other team has only one left, you're pressured to find them all. Usually this means clueing infinity so your team can pick up all the stragglers unless you can clue all or all but one. Otherwise, nothing changes. – L. Scott Johnson Nov 21 at 16:11
  • I agree that it’s not opinion-based; strategy advice is asked for all the time here. It might be a bit unclear though; are you asking about only guesser strategy; under the assumption that the clue giver has already given his clue? Or is advice on how to handle clue-giving, like what the above comment talks about, within scope? – GendoIkari Nov 22 at 21:13
  • You should be able to deduce what the black card is by figuring out which card was structurally avoided by both team captains. Also, you could deduce which cards might belong to the opponents based on the opponent captains hints. – freekvd Nov 24 at 19:37

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