In our latest session of Mansions of Madness, we allowed Joe Diamond to use his magnifying glass to make two attempts at a rune puzzle. However, at the time and shortly after the completion of the game, we questioned whether this should be allowed.

I came across this answer on the Geek stating that "a single investigator may not attempt the same puzzle more than once in a turn," but since it doesn't reference any specific rule I just wanted to find out whether this is the general consensus.

The Magnifying Glass card reads:

Once per turn, immediately after you spend an action to explore a room, you may take 1 additional action.


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One puzzle attempt per turn per investigator is the rule.

From the rules, bottom of the first column on page 18 -

Each investigator can only attempt the same puzzle once per turn (but multiple investigators may attempt the same puzzle on the same turn).

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