In "Adventure time Card Wars Finn vs Jake" Ancient Scholar card has FLOOP ability

FLOOP >>> Return a random Rainbow card from your discard pile to your hand. If you control a Building in this Lane, gain 1 Action.

Is it valid to FLOOP him when there is no Rainbow cards in discard pile? If yes, what does happen in this case?

Ancient Scholar card picture

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Yes, player can FLOOP Ancient Scholar even if there is no Rainbow cards in their discard pile

In this case they fail to return a random Rainbow card to their hand, but still can gain 1 Action (if control a building in the lane). This is explained in detail by Matt Hyra at boardgamegeek.com forum: Flooping without fulfilling ability?

According to the explanation, the general rule is

you may always Floop if the ability doesn't target anything. If it requires a target, you must have a legal target before you can Floop

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