In hand and Foot can a player lay down all cards in their foot, discard the final card and NOT have the required books to go out but continue to draw two cards each turn and discard one until they finally complete their books or someone else goes out?

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I've never played this game but have read the at rules here. they say

To 'Go Out', the player must get a Clean and Dirty, and get completely rid of the cards. Players must discard the final card, and not 'simply run out of cards'.

So to me this reads if you have 'simply run out of cards' then you have not 'gone out'. It also suggests that having a Clean and Dirty book is a requirement for going out so even if you have no cards but not the required books you have not 'gone out'

You would continue to play as normal until you had the required Clean and Dirty books or another player 'goes out'

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