This is a very old game that was played by my previous generation however no one can remember the rules and there seems to be few people who actually rember how to play it.


Quoting from the rules on this page:


Build stacks of cards in alternating colors as in Klondike, move arbitrary groups of cards as in Yukon, and deal waves of cards onto to the tableau, as in Spider.


Place all cards on the foundation in sequence.


One standard deck of 52 cards.



  • When selected, deals one card to each tableau pile.
  • Only a single pass through the stock is allowed.


  • Four empty foundation piles.

  • Any Ace may be played to any empty foundation pile.

  • A card may be built on a card in a foundation pile if it is one rank higher and the same suit.

  • An Ace may be played on a King, continuing the sequence.


  • Seven tableau piles with one card dealt to the first pile, two to the second, and so on.

  • All cards are face-up.

  • An empty pile may be filled with any King.

  • A card may be built on a card in a tableau pile if it is one rank lower and a different color.

  • Stacks of cards may be moved from a tableau pile if they are each one rank lower and a different color.


That’s not how we play. It’s a simple betting game.

You deal out all cards but you also deal a dummy hand. Last card is not handed out or turned over until the hand is done.

Their are 2 pots...1-first person out 1-who ever plays the queen that is the same suit as the left out card. You contribute money in each pot to play the hand. I have played $1 and $1 per pot or .25cents and .25 cents per pot it’s what every you want.

The goal is to go out first, and or play a queen that matches the last card. The dummy hand is there and dealer has first choice to swap hand with it. If they say no it goes to next person and so on. Most times you swap out of you don’t have a run on numbers or no queens.

You start the game with 2 of spades...the next card is 3of spades, 4 of spades...you keep going until up until nobody has that card. The last person who played the highest spade then plays their lowest red. Everyone follows suit in sequence until nobody’s can go. Then you go lowest black. You keep swapping back and forth until someone goes out. That winner gets the 1 pot if $. You turn over the last card not dealt...if someone played that suits queen they get the other pot. If nobody played the queen that potrides.

Then you repeat the above all over again. Each contributing again to both pots. You play as long as you want or until cash is gone.

  • What's "not how you play"? The question didn't specify anything to hang that statement on. If you'd like to reply to another answer, do that (but note that my answer is just quoting the rules of a game called "Queenie" on another site). – L. Scott Johnson Dec 29 '20 at 19:52

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