I spotted this model on a Bell of Souls article about Enslavers.

Enslavers models, floating monsters with 6 limbs that end in spikes, with an exposed brain

But when googling, I can't find the model, and I don't think the article says.

I'm also not sure Enslavers ever had models, so I don't know what else to Google?

What is this model?


That pic/those models first appeared on BoS back in 2007 under the "Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 3" report. Other pictures in that report also show those figures.

enter image description here

With the description:

Alpha Legion, Enslavers
The Alpha Legion under the command of Master Arkos, scored a hard fought victory for the Imperium upon the lost empire of Balkus. With its fate unknown for over 5000 years, the vile warp-spawned Enslavers have been cast out of this world forever. Captain Arkos has yet again done a service for the Imperium!
World Status: Compliance

The White Dwarf article in your link is apparently the only source for those rules. The models in the picture seem to have been original/custom.

  • I could definitely imagine these are custom models!
    – Pureferret
    Jan 4 at 15:44

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