Does the second tile from the right in the extract from the rule book below contain a menhir? enter image description here The rule book lists it under menhir tiles, but so does the one with the 2 lakes which obviously does not contain a menhir.

It seems to be the only tile with an L-shaped forest that does not have the usual picture of a menhir. Other such menhir tiles are the one with a mammoth and an auroch, one with a pit trap and one with mushrooms.

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Simple answer: If the tile doesn't have a picture of a menhir, it doesn't contain a menhir.

I suspect the point of confusion here is differentiating between "tiles with a menhir on them" and "menhir tiles". The menhir tiles are a special stack of tiles that you play from after you complete a forest with a menhir in it; these ones all have a special back and should not be shuffled in with the regular tiles:

Three different tile backs

(note: other editions of the rulebook refer to the menhir tiles as "bonus tiles", which is boring but also less ambiguous.)

Those menhir tiles are the ones listed in the instructions you quoted, to showcase their added value. This does not mean, nor is meant to mean, that the menhir tiles also contain a menhir.

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