Here's what I can remember about this game:

  • There are different resources in the form of different coloured (wooden?) cubes

  • You can buy cards that give you the ability to convert the cubes, i.e. 1 red to 4 brown, or 1 brown and 3 grey to 1 yellow

  • This conversion is shown vertically on the side of the card in this manner (I think) :

    • [red cube]
    • [red cube]
    • [grey cube]
    • [up/down arrow]
    • [yellow cube]
  • Cards that are available to be bought have a bonus resource placed on them in order, which you gain when you buy that card, i.e. the first/left-most card gives you bonus 3 cubes if you buy it, the next gives you 2 cubes, etc.

I can't remember what the goal was supposed to be. Any help or questions to jog my memory of this game would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


After googling various terms together, I found it:

Century Spice Road

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    Sorry I didn’t see this an hour ago; was just about to post the answer! Glad you found it.
    – GendoIkari
    Jan 15 '21 at 5:38

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