We were playing Spades. My new girlfriend said she had 2 and 3 possible. I laughed and asked what she meant by the 3 possible. We stopped the game to figure this out.

  • Spades: 4,6
  • Hearts: K,2,3,5
  • Clubs: K,7
  • Diamonds: K,9,8

How she should have bid?

In the end she only took 2. After knowing that, how she should have bid?

is a 3 a legit bid with this hand?


The possible trick winners of this hand are the three Kings and the short ♣'s which allows a 3rd trick ruff/cut.

Having only two spades is a weakness. It means that there is a higher probability an opponent has a long ♠ suit.

The game of Spades encourage conservative bids since an overtrick (bag) results in a smaller loss compared to an undertrick.

I would bid 2 with this hand almost always. If I am at the 4th sit and the sum of bidding is 7 before my bid, I would bid 3. (probably when someone bids nil)

To answer the question of the headline, in the bidding phase each player must say a single number between 0 and 13, nothing more. She can't say: "2 and maybe 3". Of course that in a game among friends she can say whatever.

  • There are a lot of "in between" bids where I come from! Jan 17 at 13:03
  • @TheChaz2.0, What do you mean? can you bid: 2.5? how the scoring goes if you get the lower/higher bid?
    – Cohensius
    Jan 17 at 14:04
  • 1
    Table talk, not actual bids. Jan 18 at 16:44

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