What scoring conditions apply if all 7 letters are used for the first word in Scrabble? Does the player get double points for the word AND 50 points for using all their tiles?


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You get both.

In fact, there are three bonuses that you can get on your first turn, evaluated in this order:

  • Double letter score (if you play your word such that it hits one of the double letter scores that are 5 away from the starting square)
  • Double word score (from the starting square)
  • Bingo: +50 points for using all your letters

Let's say you play the word "LETTERS", with the L on a double letter score. You would get 66 points:

  1. Base 7 for tiles: all these tiles are 1 point
  2. 8 points post double letter score (the L is doubled to 2 points)
  3. 16 points post double word score
  4. 66 points post bonus

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