What scoring conditions apply if all 7 letters are used for the first word in Scrabble? Does the player get double points for the word AND 50 points for using all their tiles?


You get both.

In fact, there are three bonuses that you can get on your first turn, evaluated in this order:

  • Double letter score (if you play your word such that it hits one of the double letter scores that are 5 away from the starting square)
  • Double word score (from the starting square)
  • Bingo: +50 points for using all your letters

Let's say you play the word "LETTERS", with the L on a double letter score. You would get 66 points:

  1. Base 7 for tiles: all these tiles are 1 point
  2. 8 points post double letter score (the L is doubled to 2 points)
  3. 16 points post double word score
  4. 66 points post bonus
  • 6
    Should it be 66?”16+50
    – JD D
    Jan 28 '21 at 0:29
  • Thank you! I got Tannery on the first word last night ... it was a good night!
    – KeBa
    Jan 28 '21 at 13:38
  • 1
    @JDD Yes; edited
    – Zags
    Jan 28 '21 at 16:54

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