When my partner calls trump and the dealer is on my right and has the right bower, should I still lead trump knowing we can't get that trick?

  • There are a LOT of possible scenarios. What trump are you leading? Do you have off-suit aces you could have led instead? Personally I'd probably never lead trump in any scenario here, but there could be an argument made for some – bengoesboom Mar 14 at 22:02
  • So, you yourself have a trump, and your partner ordered up a jack to the dealer? That must be a heck of a hand your partner has... likely at least three trump, including the one you are holding and the one ordered up that's already five trump accounted for. The other opponent didn't order up, so likely has one or zero. That leaves one or two unaccounted for... Your partner will have a void in something, likely what you don't have a void in. If you have a void, I'd not lead trump and would try to cross-trump. If you don't and have no aces, yes I might lead trump here. – JMoravitz Apr 14 at 15:51

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