The situation I had in mind was that in Spring, 1901 Italy orders army, Venice to Albania. The Austrian Fleet Trieste does a convoy, since the fleet in the Trieste coastal region is adjacent to both the other two coastal regions. (This would be a Lepanto opening.)

Another player argues that this is not possible. His reasoning is "the convoy is only possible if the fleet vacates Trieste and moves into Adriatic Sea."

According to Diplomacy Wiki, "A fleet can convoy an army that is adjacent to it into another land space that is adjacent to the fleet."

Who is right?

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Fleets in coastal provinces cannot convoy. To convoy, you have to be in the open water. From the rules (emphasis mine):

Convoying an Army Across One Water Province

A Fleet in a water province (not a coastal province) can convoy an Army from any coastal province adjacent to that water province to any other coastal province adjacent to that water province.

Convoying an Army Across Several Water Provinces

If Fleets occupy adjacent water provinces, an Army can be convoyed through all these water provinces on one turn, landing in a coastal province adjacent to the final Fleet in the chain

Thus, in the situation you describe, a fleet in Trieste cannot convoy; it would need to be in the Adriatic Sea.

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