My friend taught me this game and I tried to find it online but I didn't found it. He calls it "army".

Each player has 3 cards. the smallest card is becoming the player's shield. The other 2 cards become to be his "life". In each turn you can attack some player by drawing a card from a stack, save a card or change your shield or your enemies shield.

The goal is to beat your enemies until they have no cards left. You can form an alliance with other players.

An example:

If there are two players. Player A has a jack, a king and a three. The 3 will become my shield. King = 13 jack = 11 for a total life of 24.

Player B attacks by picking a random card from the deck of cards. Player B draws an 8 which exceeds the 3 of the shield. The life of player A decreases with 5 (8-3) to 19 replacing the jack with a 6 (or the king with an 8).

Does anybody know the name of this game?

  • Can you explain the actions a life in a little more detail?
    – LeppyR64
    Mar 31 at 12:29

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