In Genotype, do the market rows for Tools, Pea plants and Assistants refill immediately or only at the end of each round?

  • Can't find a link to the rules there. If you're a backer, check the print-n-play rules. (update #14) Apr 5 at 10:20

Not until the end of the round. Pg. 10 of the rulebook:

(Assistant Cards are not refilled until the end of the Round.)

And pg. 12:

Discard the remaining Pea Plant Cards, Tool Cards, and Assistants. Refill Tool and Pea Plant Cards based on player count (see p. 3) and refill 3 face-up Assistants.

And reiterated on the "reminders and clarifications" section on pg. 13:

Tool Cards and Pea Plant Cards are only refilled during the End of the Round Reset, not when taken.

  • Fantastic. I found the page 12 reference but it seemed ambiguous. The other two help it out a bit.
    – Jontia
    Apr 5 at 12:14

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