I found this game (The Fortune Teller by Pressman from 1989) but it's missing 7 cards. I was wondering if someone would share insight of those missing 7 cards and I'll make the missing cards so I can play the game (?) the 1st card is a Titled Card for Change So I would need the other side which lists 6 words from top to bottom. The other 6 cards start with these words....Accomplishment, Affection, Illness, Interference, Materialist and Momentum, with then their other 5 words on that side of their cards. Maybe you could take a photo of the back of the cards with the words and email those or attach them to this message, whatever would be the easiest.


enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereBecky, I have this game. I can send you pictures.

  • I would like a copy of the rules that came with this game, if you have them. Thank you! Apr 24 '21 at 17:54
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    To post pictures. Click the "edit" button. Then click the picture icon in the edit area toolbar. That will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to drag&drop or paste an image or a link to an image and the image will appear in your answer.
    – John
    Apr 24 '21 at 19:32

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