This is a fantastic, thinking solitaire game, played with 52 cards, all face up. To set it up, you lay out 15 clusters of 3 cards each with all cards exposed, in 2 concentric arcs. Then you lay out 3 pairs of cards. Finally, you have 1 key card (and all others like it) from which you start building. Only the top card of each cluster can be used, and there can never be more than 3 cards in a cluster. To begin, only the 3 pairs have an open "space" where you can place a third card.

First, you scan all the cards and take out any that match your key card. On these, you build up by suit. On the clusters, you build down, alternating colors. You can move one card around at a time, trying to free up cards underneath, but never having more than 3 cards in a cluster. If you can get all 13 cards of your suit in order on your key cards, you win.

Can anyone tell me the name of this game and if it is available online? It's a bit of a pain to set up each time, and it would be great to know that each game was "solvable". Thank you.

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