I found recently this board game in my parents' home (Spain); it seems like it might possibly be a version of tic-tac-toe.

Does anybody know the name of the game or the rules?

enter image description here

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    The 24 spaces (counting the holes) and the line connections make me thnik that it is of the morris family. But I've never seen a morris variation that used two boards. – L. Scott Johnson May 26 at 15:46
  • The board looks pretty home made, but how many of the green/yellow counters are present? It's possible the holes are ways to remove already placed pieces – KMR May 27 at 1:56
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    I'm thinking could there be more boards? Maybe it can be arranged different way. there are thin lines coming off some circles to edge of blocks. – StartPlayer May 27 at 8:12
  • Looks like a variation of Chinese Checkers to me. – Zeiss Ikon Jul 5 at 21:47

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