Game token in the form of a coin

I found this token underneath my table. It's cardboard and looks well-made (it doesn't bend or fold easily, fairly thick). I have no idea where it came from or what it belongs to, but it probably belongs to a board game I played at some point or other. Does anyone know what it is or where it's from?


It appears to be from the game Sheriff of Nottingham

enter image description here

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    That's the one! Found a clearer image on Google. Interesting, I have played that game once before at my apartment, but only once, and I do not own it. Now I have to remember who it was I played it with XD
    – Ertai87
    Jun 9 at 21:18
  • I hope you can track down the copy it came from! I've got the game (that's how I recognised it), but I'm no good at bluffing games... Jun 9 at 21:20

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