My kids were given this game as a Christmas present this year. I played Cluedo for years as a kid myself, but it did not include the Power Cards feature of this edition. The instructions have the following to say on these cards:

Power Cards

You will see that some spaces on the board have question marks on them. If you land on a question mark you must take a Power Card from the pile and read it out. There are seven Kinds of Power Cards, and some will help you but some will hinder you. You must use the card on the turn you collect it, unless it specifies otherwise.

That all seems fine until you actually read some of the cards. Example card:

Dessert Distractions

A towering pyramid of chocolate balls distracts you. You cannot make any suggestions this turn.

Given that you can only make suggestions while in a room, and the fact that all question marks on the board are on squares between rooms, if you must land on a question mark to take a Power Card, how could you make a suggestion on 'this turn' anyway (since you are not in a room)?

To try to make sense of it, we re-interpreted the phrase 'If you land on a question mark' to 'If you pass over a question mark'. The kids decided this was a great opportunity to pass as many power cards as possible, rather than make their way to actual rooms though, and sometimes they ended up with 3 power cards in a single turn! It got ridiculous.

Ultimately, I think we will have to augment the rules to limit players to one Power Card per turn, but if somebody knows the true intent behind the use of these cards, I would love to hear it!

  • Sound like you have it right: the card has no material effect and exists only due to a lack of care/playtesting. Jul 7, 2021 at 12:04

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This quote from the Power Card instructions:

You must use the card on the turn you collect it

might be open to an alternate interpretation.

Initially (same as you) I would read it as "the card affects you on this turn", but maybe instead it means:

You must play the card, targeting yourself or another player on the turn you collect it.

In the case of the Dessert Distractions Power Card, this means you could play the card against someone else, preventing them from making a suggestion on their next turn.

I'd be curious to know if the other cards worked well with this theory or not. Some will help you but some will hinder you suggests that the cards always target you, and the grammar of the quoted Power Card ('this turn') still seems clunky if it applies to another player's later turn.

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