When did the Senior Wrangler solitaire game, played with two 52-card packs and based on addition modulo 13, first acquire that name? It is also known as "Mathematics" and "Double Calculation". The earliest reference I have found so far under the name "Senior Wrangler" is in Tarbart's Games of Patience (1901).

  • One thing I note that may help your investigations: Tarbart's "Senior Wrangler" modifies the initial position a bit from the normal rules of Mathematics by making it random (and possibly including duplicates) rather than the otherwise "standard" practice of using A-8 or 2-9 as the initial position. Perhaps this was the wrinkle that initially invoked the name, if someone had modified "mathematics" to seemingly make it more difficult and wanted a name to reflect that. (Tarbart's includes the normal A-4 set-up for the single deck version, which goes by the name One-Two-Three-Four Patience.) Jul 12 at 15:26

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