Are there any in-game restrictions on playing the trapped! and the tool-breaking cards in the end of the round? For example, can I play the trapped card as my last one on a player who has no more cards?

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In the rules there are no special restrictions for the new action cards.

In the normal gameplay:

When it is your turn, you have to take one of the four following actions:

  1. Place a path card in the tunnel maze then draw 1 card.
  2. Play an action card then draw 1 card.
  3. Discard two cards from your hand to remove a card in front of you then draw 1 card.
  4. Pass and discard 1-3 face-down cards from your hand then draw 1-3 cards.

Then your turn is over and it's the next player's turn.

There is also no restriction mentioned for the trapped card:

Trapped! (3 in the game)

Play this card face-up in front of another player of your choice. This player is trapped and cannot play any more path cards. If a player is trapped when the round ends, they don't get counted as one of the winners and don't get a cut of the treasure.

So yes you can play an trapped card on a player that has no cards in hand. It literally traps the player, but he or she can be rescued by another player using the "Free at last!" card.

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