What does the Kaldheim Commander expansion symbol represent?



  • Not sure why people downvote. Obviously this information is not available in wikipedia, gamepedia and and WotC site. Please advice what I am doing wrong. Thank you!
    – Gad D Lord
    Sep 20 at 19:42

Kaldheim Commander's symbol simply represents a shield. That's tradition at this point: Commander decks have been using vaguely shield-like abstract designs since Commander 2013 or 2014 (depending on how you read them), as is visible from Scryfall's list of Commander sets.

They don't tend to represent anything in specific, but recent Commander sets released alongside standard products have something hinting at the set they're contemporary with: Midnight Hunt Commander has a claw slash across the shield; Forgotten Realms Commander has a dragon on the shield; Kaldheim Commander's shield has an additional symbol that appears to hint at the labrys (double-sided axe) used for the Kaldheim set symbol.

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