I’ve just played my very first draft at my LGS and was surprised about the following two “rules”:

  1. We got to announce our double-faced cards right after opening each of the boosters. As far as I remember, according to official rules players can announce their DFC but they are not required to do so.
  2. We passed our basic lands (both foil and non-foil ones) around the table, with only tokens and AD cards being removed from boosters. I wonder if there is an official rule regarding this moment.

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From the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules (found at https://WPN.Wizards.com/en/resources/rules-documents), section 7.7 "Booster Draft Procedures":

Players open their first booster pack and count the cards face down, removing token cards, rules cards, and any other non-game cards.

Players are not permitted to reveal hidden information of any kind to other participants in the draft regarding their own picks or what they want others to pick. (Exception: This does not apply to double-faced cards, both faces of which may be revealed at any time during a draft.)

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