Let's say I have Island Sanctuary in play and someone casts Braingeyser on me, forcing me to draw X cards.

Island Sanctuary's Oracle text says "If you would draw a card during your draw step, instead you may skip that draw". Since Braingeyser's card draws would presumably be outside of the draw step Island Sanctuary's ability would presumably not kick in. BUT... the Oracle rulings kinda contradicts this understanding, saying "If you get multiple draws or you use a spell or ability during the draw step to draw extra cards, you can have the replacement effect apply to any one or all of those". Like the implication of that is that it can be applied to additional card draws.

So how would Island Sanctuary work with a card like Braingeyser?

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Your initial understanding is correct; the Gatherer ruling is dealing with the case where you get multiple draws during your draw step, for example if you cast Brainstorm during your draw step.

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