What game is this pegboard for? It has a row of 2-5 hole groups (10 peg holes) on each side with 4 peg holes at the top.

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    I tried googling for what's on the plaque, and it seems to be an adress to a residential area, and it looks rather home made. Seeing as it says "Games, Puzzles & Things" on the side, it might be a puzzle rather than a game. It's hard to see what the right-most word is after "Leisure Time", but looks like Crafts or something, but nothing I googled came back with any hits. Nov 16 '21 at 15:06
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    can we get a better picture of that label on the side of the board?
    – Styxsksu
    Nov 17 '21 at 15:39
  • Thanks for your interest. You are right about the label. It was for a game and crafts company in Midland, Mi. I did a search for them but nothing showed up. This item is at least 30 years old. It was from my deceased parents home. Nov 18 '21 at 0:18
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    FWIW, I would guess that this board (with 2 colors of pegs, bilateral symmetry, 10 holes in groups of 5, some extra holes after the 10) might be for scoring, similar to a cribbage board, and wouldn't be the whole game in itself. (But the plaque might be counter-evidence.) Dec 1 '21 at 18:48

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