To make the question specific, I'd like to find the spellbook for Cursebound Witch.

My usual go to places for cards are scryfall and Gatherer. Gatherer appears to not have Arena/Alchemy cards. I'm assuming Scryfall doesn't have the spellbook, because it's not in mtgjson?

TLDR: I can find the spellbook in various locations, but is there a "canonical" source that's tracking these properly?


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Scryfall at the time of this post, has added support for spellbooks.

You can search the card name with spellbook:"Cursebound Witch". Alternately, you can click the Spellbook button below the card image to be taken to that search. For example, here it is indicated on the page of Cursebound Witch:

spellbook button below the card image, indicated with a red arrow


You can find the list both in client and from an external source.

In the client itself, you can right-click a card that has a spellbook, and then continue right-clicking to cycle through the cards.

Outside of the client, you can find a list of spellbooks for Alchemy: Innistrad on the MtG wiki, here

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