I was going through this site but I am not understanding why one would "resurrect" another player?

Wouldn't it be more advantageous to let them stay dead?


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Because they don't have a choice if the want to save themselves as the rules say they must bring a dead player back if there are any.

Whenever a player chooses to play a Zombie Kitten to save themselves from exploding, they must bring a Dead player back into the game (if there are any).

If they choose to bring you back into the game, they will put their Zombie Kitten in the Discard Pile and then they will take the Exploding Kitten that killed them AND the Exploding Kitten in front of you and put both of them separately back into the Draw Pile anywhere they’d like in secret (the two Exploding Kittens can be put in two different locations). You are now a Living player and must take your turns as normal.

You can still play a Zombie Kitten if there are no Dead players. If you play a Zombie Kitten and there is more than one Dead player, you must choose one of the Dead players to bring back into the game.

  • OK so it's only to counter the exploding kitten after the fact. Jul 25, 2022 at 3:09

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