Players must take away life points when defeating a monster with the heart symbol: enter image description here

What if a player ends the game with only 1 remaining life point but must yet suffer 1 life point after defeating the last monster? Does he lose the game?

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Unfortunately this does seem to be ambiguous.

Looking at the rules here is seems losing all your life points does not mean you have automatically lost.

Rules to suggest this.

The player with the most Victory points wins


A player who loses their last Life point on the Life tracker dies and leaves the game.

I'm not convinced 'leaves the game' is the same as 'lost'. especially as a score is still caluble. It looks if you marker reaches end of life tracker then that is -20 points and not elimination.

photo of end of life tracker showing skull and -20 on same space

If you look at the life tracker image the skull is in the same space as -20, the others are all distinctly separate.

This however is contradicted by this BGG forum question. One of the answers refers to a designer diary that suggestions many publishers didn't like player elimination. (I've not found that source directly). Whether that means the intention in the published version was player elimination I am not clear. "leaves the game" could easily be interpreted as 'cant win' or 'takes no further part but still has a score'

  • Thank you (+1) ! Glad to see you also find it ambiguous. Plus, the rules slightly differ between the french version and the english version of the rulebook!
    – Marco
    Aug 3 at 10:55

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